May 2018

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The Wizard of Oz by L.F. Baum
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis CarROLL

Everyone knows that books are magical but, in my view, they are even more magical when a page is turned and out pops a three-dimensional visual image.  Of late in the classroom, I have been sharing some of my favorite pop-up books with the children which they have adored. 

I am recommending two books this month, The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.

Each page of these books holds a beautifully illustrated big pop-up image in the center with additional pop-up little “books” on the side of each page.  Please know that the text in each side book is written for ages 4-8 years old but the additional pop-ups make it fun for little ones too.

We know that the hardest thing about pop-up books is fragility.  Even when you are very careful, sometimes these books get “hurt.”  When sharing pop-ups with young children, you need to be the facilitator.  Open the pages and let your children explore the magic inside with their eyes.  If you are careful, these beautiful books will last and grow with your child because as they get older, you can enjoy pop-up images and read the text too.



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