April 2018

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Hello Goodbye Dog

Maria Gianferrari

Zara’s dog loved her. Moose loved ‘hello’ which meant spending time with Zara, getting pats on the head, rides in the car and following her to school. To Moose, ‘goodbye’ was a tag without an “it,” a tug with no war, and a hide without a seek. 'Goodbye’ meant being alone.

Moose had a gentle temperament, good listening skills, and was great with children. As Zara just happened to be in a wheelchair, this made her think that Moose could join her at school or the library if he was certified as a Therapy Dog. This is just what happened, and Moose was now able to triumphantly join the children at school as their Class Reading Dog! 

Hello Goodbye Dog ends with an Author’s Note about Therapy Dogs who are used in the classroom and library to promote literacy and the love of reading.  As it turns out, this month the Carroll Gardens Pubic Library will be hosting a Therapy Dog program.

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