Play is often talked about as if
it were a relief from serious learning.
But for children play is serious learning.
Play is really the work of childhood.
— Fred Rogers

Our integrated curriculum is specially designed to help children create their own learning experience. Our space is set up with play stations for different activities like art, music and drama, math, reading and writing, a snack room, a “Two’s Nest,” a block area, and enough extra room for the children to play and learn.

A mixed age classroom 

Working side-by-side, children not only learn more, they teach each other as well. Mixed age groups build confidence and encourage each child to develop, learn, and grow.


An art-driven program 

The arts - music, art, and drama - are integral parts of our academic program. They support all areas of the curriculum and offer higher-order thinking opportunities and challenges.


Group work 

In small and large groups, children hone their social skills, develop respect for each other, and learn to solve problems as a team.


An integrated curriculum

All disciplines - socio-emotional, literacy, art, science, music, math, and drama - are interwoven into a central theme as a framework for children to actively participate in their own education. This gives them control, creative freedom, and a feeling of success.  Development of academic skills is inherent in all classroom activities.  Science concepts and facts are discovered as the children do experiments and work with nature.  An understanding of mathematical concepts is fostered by explorations of sets, geometric relationships, weights and volume, and counting.  Emergent literacy activities and the writing process are a part of many daily school activities.  Children discover similarities and differences in letters and words, pore over books, listen to stories, and tell stories of their own.


A co-op environment 

Parental involvement has an integral role at CHP. It allows us to offer a low ratio between children and adults, a valuable education at a reasonable cost, and it enriches the learning experience.