Board of directors



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kristin brady  |director 

A graduate of Stanford University, Kristin spent the early part of her career working in child-care and early childhood education, child advocacy, and nonprofit management. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education at Hunter College, where she loves merging theory with practice...


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Kelsey Bailey  |Teacher

Kelsey obtained her undergraduate degree in speech-language pathology from Loyola University Maryland. Upon graduation, she moved to Bangkok, Thailand where she taught English to students aged 3-10. In 2013, Kelsey moved to Savannah, Georgia to complete her graduate work in speech-language…



nancy dean-hunt  |  art specialist

Art Specialist Nancy Dean-Hunt brings to CHP her passion, dedication and training in visual arts and early childhood development where she introduces students to visual arts as a means of exploring their thoughts, feelings and ideas...


Stacy foote  |  operations associate

Stacy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/English Literature from Baruch College in New York City.  She spent the early portion of her career working as an event planner on Wall Street.  For seven years she worked in this fast...

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sharon geha  |  assistant teacher

Sharon brings to CHP a wealth of experience as a mom and school volunteer as well as an enthusiasm for early childhood and working with young children...


janie greene  |  operations manager

Janie has been at CHP since September 2006, keeping the school running smoothly and efficiently.  After graduating with a Masters in Social Work from New York University, she spent several years working in family day care and...


Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hershon  |  Teacher

Elizabeth Hershon received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and later a Masters from Hunter College in Early Childhood Education.  Throughout her career, she has combined a passion for creating art and teaching.  Starting...

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Mel Johnston  |  music specialist

Mel Johnston studied literature and music at New York University. Since graduating, she has been making her living as a vocalist and educator. Mel's teaching experiences have included writing songs with children with special needs...


Chloe Katz  |  Behavioral Support Teacher

Chloe was born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey, and graduated with a BS in psychology from Boston University.  She went on to receive a dual Master's Degree from Bank Street College of Education, where she specialized in...


Sandra Lambert  |  Assistant Teacher (Volunteer)

Sandra joined CHP as an Assistant Teacher in 1997. Before CHP moved into its new location, Sandra was a paid employee.  During our big fundraising push in 2004 to purchase the new school, Sandra decided to no longer work for...

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angela manfredonia  | Assistant Teacher

Angela brings to CHP a passion for early childhood education, music and theater. A graduate of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, she moved to NYC to pursue a career as a singer...

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Patrycja Mlynarska  |  Assistant Teacher

Patrycja brings to CHP a wealth of experience working with children.  A college graduate in her native Poland, Patrycja uses her education in tourism and recreation to enhance her career working with children.  


Caroline Ryburn  |  Drama Specialist

Caroline is CHP's creative drama/movement specialist.  Her teaching approach is interdisciplinary, weaving improvisation, narrative pantomime, movement/dance, music/song, and interactive storytelling together in set group...

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Aileen santiago  |  assistant teacher

Aileen brings to CHP a wealth of education and experience. She holds a dual degree in Children and Youth Studies and Psychology from Brooklyn College. Aileen returns to Brooklyn College this Fall to pursue a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked with young...


Sonia Tavares  |  assistant Teacher & documentation specialist

Sonia joined CHP in 2012 as an Assistant Teacher.  In the fall of 2015, she was promoted to Classroom Manager, coordinating the daily staffing and scheduling at CHP.  Previously she worked as an Assistant Teacher for 11 years at...


Christy Yin  |  Teacher

Christy was born and raised in California and moved to Southern California for college  She received a Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts and Educational Studies from University of California, Irvine.  She moved to New York...




stefany sekara morris | president, board of directors

Stefany is mom to enthusiastic CHP alumni Adeline and Michael, who both now attend PS 29, and to baby Josefine, who is looking forward to joining the Twos Program in 2020.  Stefany is grateful for the talented CHP staff, and is proud to be part of the uniquely collaborative community of CHP parents. This is her fourth year on the Board, having previously served as  President, Vice President and as Director of Parent Jobs.

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Jaime caldwell  |  vice president

Jaime is the mom of alum Katie, now a second grader, and little brother George, who is in CHP's 3s program this year. A former publicist, Jaime will serve as the Board's Vice President. Previously, Jaime has served on CHP's community events and alumni committees. When she's not at CHP, Jaime is the Girl Scout Troop Leader for her daughter's neighborhood Daisy Troop.

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brandon zimmerman  |  treasurer 

Brandon is the dad of  alumni Cole and Logan who both will attend PS 58 this fall. Brandon returns to the Board for a second year as Treasurer and previously served on the CHP Fall Auction Committee for three years. He brings to the Board both his professional expertise from Bank of America as well as a wonderful commitment to the school.

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molly rayo  |  secretary

Molly is mom to Ainsley, currently in the 2s program, and Hunter, a CHP graduate. This is her second year working as Board Secretary after having served as an integral member of the Community Events committee and as CHP's supply shopper. Molly is excited to give back to CHP by serving on the Board as CHP has already given so much to her family.


Kim KREmer browne  |  board member at large

Kim is mom to CHP alumni Ella, Grace and Jack. Kim served on the Board for one year as Vice President and three years as Director of Community Events. This year she will transition to Board Member at Large, bringing with her valuable experience as a former teacher and past years on the Board. She looks forward to another great year as part of the CHP community. 

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Lauren goldberg  |  director of fundraising

Lauren is the mother of  CHP alum Liv, and Macie who returns for CHP's 3s program this year. In the past Lauren has served in a leadership role for CHP's Fall Auction and will serve as the Board's Director of Fundraising for the second year. Previously, Lauren spent 14 years as Founder and CEO of Lauren Merkin handbags.

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Jamie kaplan  |  director of facilities

Jamie is the father of alum Harper, now a 2nd grader, and Marlowe, who is in CHP's 3s program this year.  This is Jamie's second year on the Board as Director of Facilities, having previously served on, and led, CHP's parent cleaning crew. When he's not at CHP, Jamie works as the product manager at I Rice & Company which specializes in manufacturing beverages, frozen desserts, and bakery items.

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lindsay knaak stuart  |  director of website, marketing, and technology

Lindsay is mom to alum Ellie, who will be in the first grade this year, and son Hugo, who returns for CHP's 4s program. Lindsay managed the successful redesign of CHP's website and marketing strategy and returns to the Board this year as CHP's Director of Website, Marketing, and Technology. A former advertising and fashion marketing executive, Lindsay now owns and operates Meant, her own body care brand.

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Kelly O'Neill  |  director of alumni relations

Kelly is Mom of twin girls, Abigail and Violet, who will be in the 3s program this year, and their little brother Henry, who will join CHP next year. Kelly joins the Board this year as Director of Alumni Relations. She formerly spent 15 years working for a nonprofit think tank that researched work life issues and early childhood development. She is looking forward to spending the year working with the families, faculty, and staff at CHP.

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Megan roberts  |  director of community events

Megan is the mom of CHP alum Ryan who is now in 1st grade, and Drew who is in CHP's 4s program. She has loved being a member of the Community Events Committee for the past two years and will serve as the Director of that committee this year. Megan brings to the board over 20 years of experience in corporate event production, and is looking forward to continuing to foster and support the spirit of community for families at CHP.

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Lauren Wallerstein  |  director of parent jobs

Lauren is the mother to daughter Maeve, returning to CHP for the 4s program, and son -- and newcomer -- River, entering the 3s program this year. Lauren joins the Board as Director of Parent Jobs. When she's not at CHP, Lauren works as the Director of Investor Relations and Marketing at Corre Partners Management, a hedge fund.