February 2018

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Hey, Little Ant

Phillip M. Hoose and Hannah Hoose

When was the last time someone asked you, “To squish or not to squish?”  If I were speaking to your children they would answer right away because I read this book to all our two, three and four-year-old’s and they gave me answers.

Hey Little Ant has been a book in our collection for a while now.  It was often read when we had a classroom ant farm or an insect study.  But that is not the only reason to open this book.  Hey Little Ant is all about perspectives, the perfect subject for our unit on kindness.

The story is a conversation between a boy and an ant.  Each character pleads his case: Why you should or should not step on the ant ---- an ideal preschool thought-provoker and discussion starter. To squish or not to squish and WHY?  Each turn of the page brings a different point of view.

After the snack read, I gave everyone the opportunity to vote.  While collecting the votes, the children had a chance to plead their case.  I heard things like, “Squish! My mom does not like ants!” and “No, don’t squish. The ant has a family!” I found it fascinating to see how the discussion evolved.  Some children seemed to look to a friend to see what he or she would say, and others were not swayed by a classmate’s vote. 

In reading Hey Little Ant again it was a nice surprise to discover that it was written by a father and his sixteen-year-old daughter!  I also never knew it could be read or sung.  There is a music page at the end of the book and the tune is the same as Six Little Ducks

So, I end this Carol’s Book of the Month with the age-old question:  To squish, or not to squish?

"Hey Little Ant is the perfect tool to help inspire compassion in our world's youth, and has a positive message for grown-ups, too!  Please share this book and its lessons with your family today."  --- Jane Goodall, world-renowned primatologist.


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