January 2018

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The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling

Timothy Basil Ering

Unexpected, fantastical, unusual and grand are just a handful of the words I would use to describe this extraordinary book. The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling is just magical!

The story begins when fiddle-playing Captain Alfred is sailing home to his wife with his dog, some ducks and a gift. Nestled in his fiddle case lies a lovely little egg. Before the captain can make it home safely, there is a huge dark and scary storm. After the storm, the little egg hatches and the duckling emerges but is lost and alone in the middle of the sea. Soon the duckling finds something floating near; it is the captain’s fiddle!  When the duckling embraces the instrument, wonderful music abounds. The duckling’s music brings everyone back together again and brings on the happiest of endings.

Timothy Basil Ering paints the stunning illustrations for this beautiful book.  Of note is that Ering was also the illustrator for The Tale of Despereaux.  The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling is one of those rare picture books where the story is every bit as great as the charming illustrations.

This book is recommended for ages four to six years old. I read it to our four-year-olds and they loved it. Recommending this delightful picture book is the perfect way to start a new year!




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