August 2017

Penguin on Vacation.jpg


Salina Yoon

What do some penguins do in the summer?  This little penguin says goodbye to the Arctic and like many of us in the summer months, he decides to visit the beach.  This new vacation spot is not at all like the snow-filled home he left behind.  As luck would have it, Penguin meets a new friend.  A little crab arrives to show Penguin that life in the tropics can be fun too.  These new buddies find themselves surfing, climbing coconut trees, playing beach ball and making sand castles.  When Penguin’s vacation comes to an end, it is time for Crab to vacation!  He follows along to visit Penguin’s wintry home.  Sadly, vacations are not forever, so when it’s time for Crab to leave he writes Penguin a note that he “shell return.”  Old or new, friends are forever.

Penguin on Vacation has simple yet endearing illustrations. Once read, the listeners get to know Penguin as a kindred spirit… so much so that they want to know more about him.  Lucky for those listeners, writer/illustrator Salina Yoon wrote more books about Penguin. It is nice for young children to experience a series of books about the same character, as that character becomes a friend too.

Here are more books about Penguin!

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2017Janie Greene