July 2017

Frog on a Log?

Kes Gray and Jim Field

There is nothing like a funny rhyming book to nurture your child’s budding reading skills…just think back to your childhood reading days with Dr. Seuss! 

When rhyming words were introduced this year at the Literacy Center, Frog on a Log? was one of the most popular books at the Center and at snack reads too.

Shortly after school begins in September, we discuss the “Rules of the School.”  Rules are what Frog on a Log? is all about -- only the rules in this book rhyme.  Cat dictates what each animal is allowed to sit on, and by doing so, creates a fun way to explore the concept of rhyme which is so important in building reading skills.

"It's very simple, really. Cats sit on mats, hares sit on chairs, mules sit on stools, gophers sit on sofas, and frogs sit on logs." 

Frog is not happy.  In Dog on a Frog?-- the sequel to Frog on a Log? -- the frog decides to break the rules and the hilarious rhyming continues.

"You know the rules," said cat. "Cats sit on mats, frogs sit on logs, and dogs sit on FROGS!"
"Well, I'm changing the rules," said the frog.

The story ends with the frog finding his own special place to sit.

Frog on a Log? and Dog on a Frog?  are fun books that really explore rhyme and will allow you to start your own game of making rhymes with your child.

2017Janie Greene