March 2016

Duck & Goose  |  Tad Hills

When I write my monthly Book of the Month review, I try to recommend a new great book or a classic older book that may have been overlooked.  This is not the case with Duck and Goose because I think this beloved book might already be in your home library! 

In honor of this year’s Read-a-thon visiting author Tad Hills, Duck and Goose is the Book of the month for March. 

Everybody makes mistakes and so do Duck and Goose.  They confuse a large spotted ball for an egg and each bird insists that the egg is their own and it is their responsibility to care for it.  There is no cooperation or sharing here; in fact, Duck and Goose are not very nice to each other. 

In an effort to keep the egg warm, the birds sit together on the egg for a long time and they begin to bond. The come to realize that maybe they can both care for the egg. Just as they come together, a little blue bird arrives and lets the birds know that their “egg” is really a ball.  No worries here, the new friends now can play ball together and that can be just as fun as hatching an egg.

Duck and Goose is a funny story, and children love funny, but it has more to offer.  The illustrations are lovely and child friendly. Duck and Goose also showcases the wonder of sharing and cooperating. 

If your child loves Duck and Goose, try the other books in the series. Tad Hills has another series based on How Rocket Learned to Read.  The Rocket series of books are favorites at CHP too!

2016Janie Greene