November 2016

Papillon, The Very Fluffy Kitty  |  By A.N. Kang

As our animal unit has been focusing on cats lately, here is a sweet new book about a kitty named Papillon.  Papillon is an appropriate name for this feline because he is so fluffy that he is lighter than air. This allows him to float all around the pages of the book just like a balloon! 

His owner, Miss Tilly, does what she can to keep him tethered to home but one day, Papillon decides to take off on a new adventure.  Papillon drifts away after a new friend who just happens to be a tiny little red bird.  Papillon is lost and scared and far from home.  Have no fear, there is a happy ending to this story. Papillon’s new friend helps him find his way home.  What makes it even better is that the little bird finds a new home too, with Papillon the cat!  Who said cats and birds can’t be friends?

The illustrations in this book are charming; the pictures make me want to own a kitty of my own. A cute kitty and a happy ending. Who could ask for more!

2016Janie Greene