September 25

In Literacy we will continue to get to know each other and our school! Together, we will write our first book of the year, creating our rules of the school. Each student will have the opportunity to create, write or illustrate a rule that they think is important for our school.

In Math, it’s time for exploration! We will play a “Get to Know your Friends” lotto game, made from photographs of all the children. We will also get to know each other by using one-to-one correspondence, turn-taking, sharing and counting to prepare for great math learning in the year ahead!

In Science, the children will be introduced to the Center so they can begin to understand what to expect there, such as science tools, games and nature objects. We will talk about being observant and take note of what we are noticing. We will discuss rules for the science table too.

In Drama, we are excited to begin activities and welcome both new and old friends. The children will continue to play name games, incorporating movement and learning some mindfulness breathing techniques.

In Art, the Threes and Fours will welcome the change of seasons with a traditional CHP activity. Choosing from a palette of autumn-colored tempera, we will drip our paint onto large paper leaf shapes. These “fall leaves” will be folded, rubbed and opened to reveal a beautiful Rorschach-blot effect. Twos will be encouraged to participate in choosing and arranging paper in various colors, shapes and transparencies onto contact paper, spread over a table top to create a collaborative collage.

In Music, we will learn how to sing our names in attendance, and we will incorporate singing, movement, and listening with learning repeat-after-me songs. We are also developing a repertoire of songs that the children know, that you will soon be able to refer to on the website in the Sing-a-long songs page. 

The Twos have had a great time in the nest. We had music with Rebecca, listened to stories and played together. Next week we stay longer in the nest and continue to play, and get to know each other.

In ASL, new friends will learn and old friends will review: School, Nice to Meet You, and Friends.

September 18

In this short week, we will continue getting to know each other with songs, games and activities. We will start conversations of the Rules of the School in preparation for our annual book.  At the Art Center, the easel will be open all week! Our twos will play in the nest and continue to get comfortable in their new school while their caregivers and parents get to know each other in the waiting area.