sandra lambert

assistant teacher (volunteer)

Sandra joined CHP as an Assistant Teacher in 1997.  Before CHP moved into its current location, Sandra was a paid employee.  During our big fundraising push in 2004 to purchase our school's space, Sandra decided to no longer work for pay, but to "donate" her services to the school for free.

Sandra continues to work as a volunteer and is with us on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  She sees herself as a “helper, extra pair of hand and eyes, and a giver of guidance and maybe even fun!”  Sandra holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia.  Her background in education is “of the practical kind.”  Her dedication to CHP is a reminder to all of us about the importance of taking care of your community by sharing what you love to do.

She is mother of CHP alums Jim and Charlie.  In addition to her two CHP alumni, she is also the mother of Mark, and “our two beloved and nutty dogs, Billy and Huck Finn.”