October 2017

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Kenneth Kraegel


“Jameson only ever wore green pants. When he wore green pants, he could do anything.”

So begins the story of Jameson.  He only wears green pants and even has a closet full of spares.  Jameson can do anything--dunk a basketball, dance and even swim in his green pants.  All was well until the day his beloved cousin asked him to be in his wedding which meant that Jameson would need to wear a tuxedo, and tuxedos are black!

Jameson’s wise momma gives him the choice: wearing black pants for the cousin whom he loves or staying true to his style — wearing green pants and not walking down the aisle.  Lucky for the reader, Jameson is a pretty clever child and he finds a way to solve the problem with style

This is a great book and even better one for the parents of children who only want to wear a favorite piece of clothing—all the time, 365 day a year!


2017Janie Greene