May 2017

Little Wolf's First Howling

Laura McGee Kvasnosky & Kate Harvey McGee

This month, I had planned to review a lovely new book, Not Quite Narwhal, which I do recommend. Who can argue with a sweetly illustrated story about narwhals and unicorns? All was well until Little Wolf came along. I read this book and it was magic!  This handsomely illustrated story begins when Big Wolf decides to teach his Little Wolf to howl. Big Wolf takes this job very seriously; he stands tall and demonstrates his best traditional howl at the moon. Little Wolf is so excited to howl for the first time that, when he does, he does it his way. Big Wolf is set on correcting his son so he can learn to howl “old school.” Each time Little Wolf has his turn, he does it his way. Surprise! Big Wolf realizes that Little Wolf’s wild and unexpected howls are pretty darn swell.  By the time I finished reading this book for the first time at snack time, the children were smiling and howling and full of joy. It’s nice to know you can do your own thing and also teach a grown-up a thing or two.  “Dibbity dobbity skibbity skobbity skooooo-wooo- wooo!”

2017Janie Greene