June 2016

You Can Do It, Bert  |  Ole Konnecke

Sometimes, you just have to make the leap. This book begins with Bert, a tiny orange bird, nervously standing at the end of a branch. He is trying to muster up the courage to jump. After a few unsuccessful attempts, a little encouragement from friends, and a flash of determination, Bert jumps!  You might assume, because he is a bird, Bert flew off into the sky.  No flying here!  Bert took a huge leap into the air which resulted in an unexpected splash. Bert and his friends are enjoying a dip in the water. 

Now that summer is almost upon us, many of our CHP kids will be enjoying all kinds of water play.  I think all of our tentative pool jumpers would benefit from this book.  Bert made the leap and boy ...  it was fun!

2016Janie Greene