January 2016

Bear and Squirrel are Friends ... Yes Really!  |  Deb Pilutti

This is a story about an unlikely friendship between a sweet little squirrel and his supportive pal, Bear. Squirrel and Bear play games. Bear shakes acorns out of trees for Squirrel and Squirrel uses his fluffy tail to help Bear keep his den neat and tidy.

Despite the fact that Squirrel’s fellow squirrels and Bear’s fellow bears do not understand their friendship, these pals are undeterred. Bear and Squirrel are besties until something happens: It is time for Bear to hibernate.

When Bear wakes up, Squirrel is so happy. Bear is happy to see Squirrel too, but he does not see him in the same way he had before his long winter nap. Bear has not eaten in a long time so he sees Squirrel not as a friend but as a delicious treat! Will Squirrel survive? Will Bear eat Squirrel?

You know I would NEVER recommend a story of a friend devouring a friend but there is bit of a misunderstanding at the book’s end and this adds to the fun. The illustrations in Bear and Squirrel are Friends are uncomplicated and dear. This clever story will also help your child understand that a friend is a friend even if they are different from you or someone else does not understand your friendship. I like that.

2016Janie Greene