June 12

In Literacy, we will use storyboard paper to write our favorite parts and favorite books at CHP this year! We will combine all of our skills we have been practicing, including sequencing, transition words, labeling our illustrations and even beginning to write out sentences.

In Math, we will continue counting, demonstrating knowledge of patterns, and subitizing while playing different games such as number pancakes, animal dominoes, and counting caterpillars.

In Science, it will be a fun week of playing favorite games and doing some experiments.

In Drama, we will wrap up the school year with some games that include animals we have talked about this year such as "Kitty Wants a Corner." I will also introduce a counting/number game with physical actions and some story starter group activities.

In Art, we will continue working on decorations for our upcoming End of Year Sing.

In Music, we will prepare for our End of Year Sings and Graduation. The students are putting together a special program that they are excited about. We will add pictures, drawing what it will be like, and even videotaping ourselves to see and hear what we sound like!

In ASL, we will sign the words: Beach, Mountains, Summer and Vacation.

june 5

In Literacy, we will retell some of our favorite books we have read this year! Starting with one of our most loved rhyming book, Frog on a Log?, we will play a game, matching the animals to their rhyme. We will also play a sequencing game of The Gigantic Turnip and other stories from our Listening Center this year.

In Math, we will have fun playing all of our favorite math games such as lotto, bingo, and many others!

In Science, we will play some science games – card games, sorting games and matching games – reviewing many of the animals that we learned about this year.

In Drama, we will tell another story with a different trickster character. The children will reenact the Native American folk tale, The Raven Steals the Light. Raven sets out to help people by using his unique magical ability to change shape to trick the Sky Chief and bring light to the world.

In Art, we will work on finishing our projects for Father’s Day and start decorations for our upcoming Sing performances.

In Music, we will add movement to the first verse of This Land is Your Land.  We will look at images for the song, and discuss what the song means when it says, "this land is your land and my land.” We will also start singing Little Bird, Little Bird. The students will pick what bird they want to be and show us how their bird flies. 

In ASL, we will review our favorite ASL words and phrases this year.