january 11



Our week began with the 2’s working together to complete a large tissue paper mosaic snowman assembled on contact paper. Our snowman now hangs proudly in a classroom window. In a separate activity, the 2’s explored printing with sponge shapes over a large shared  paper surface.

3’s and 4’s

We are learning about the order of the color spectrum as we work collaboratively drawing, lettering and painting two large rainbow arcs. We continue to “sharpen” our scissor skills as we select and cut out colored images from magazines. We are collaging these and other colored materials onto our rainbows in an exercise that challenges our ability to locate and match colors.


We have begun the new year by exploring manipulatives and props in the drama center including story puzzles and poly spots. We also had a great time creating scenarios with a variety of finger puppets.


This week in literacy, we learned that every letter has a sound and by putting sounds together we can make words. We practiced making the sound of each letter in our name. Then we made books of our names, coloring one letter on each page with cray pas and stencils.  In our literacy pull-out groups, we continued reading and writing practice with a new word of the week.


This week in the math center we used our large link manipulative toys to create numbers! Some students chose to create their ages while others created the number of people in their families. We also worked on patterns by including a repeating AB color pattern to our number creations as well. It was a great activity and sparked tons of great conversations among students.


This week, we talked all about sunshine! The children and I discussed how each day is getting longer and longer with the sun setting a little bit later each day. We sang some of our favorite songs about the sun and started learning a new one: “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles. We also read the book Drum City by Thea Guidone, which launched a conversation about how we can make a musical instrument out of just about anything.  After reading the book, we enjoyed drumming together and experimenting with the different drums that we have in our classroom


We had a fun week at the science center making playdough in the discovery box and also making jello at the science table. We had many fun discussions about texture and feel. The children described the different ingredients and the changes that were taking place as we added different things to each mixture. Some batches of the playdough came out really great while others came out too wet or too dry.  We loved to ask, “Why?” We also re-planted our amaryllis bulb into a larger pot and noticed that the plant is growing and getting stronger now that there is more dirt to support it. We used tweezers and magnifying glasses to examine another bulb that did not grow as well. We hypothesized about why one bulb grew well and one did not.


This week the two year olds had a great time learning about what it means to be a “duty kid.”  We have had so much fun welcoming some of the parents into the nest, introducing them at snack, and showing them all of our dance moves!  All of the children are excited for their special days and have been wanting to talk about duty parenting as they notice the duty parents walking around the classroom.  We also spent time this week playing in the sensory box, making playdough, and using the parachute in the back. Some of the books we read were Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin and Eric Carle, Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, and Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood.

january 4

This week, we shared stories of our vacations and time with family.  We remembered our school routines, and we introduced self-serve at our snack tables!  The children are doing great, and we are so excited to see everyone back at school.