In Literacy, we will continue to collect ideas for creating our supermarket in school. We will make labels for the groceries, signs for the aisles and more! We will talk about the different jobs that a grocery store needs to run properly.

In Math, we had a successful week introducing some measuring tools that helped us answer the questions "How long?" (rulers) and "How much?" (scales).  This week, we will continue to explore measurement in preparation for the opening of the CHP grocery store!  We will also work in the block area, experimenting with building some shelves for the grocery store out of the larger hollow blocks.

In Science, we’ve done a lot of planting. The children planted mystery bulbs (paperwhite and daffodil bulbs) and made predictions as to when they would grow, what would grow and how tall our plants might get. We discussed what we need to care for the plants and we watered them each day. We also observed and measured the pumpkin seeds we planted last week. Now we will make bird feeders and talk about being kind and helpful to birds who are preparing for winter.

In Drama, as we prepare for the holiday season, we will reenact some familiar and original stories such as The Gingerbread Man. The children will be in role as the sassy, runaway cookie. “Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me! I’m the Gingerbread Man!”

In Art, we are having fun exploring a new printing process. Our finished print will be presented as a holiday gift to our families.

In Music, we will continue working on our repertoire for the Winter Sings. We are solidifying learning the words to Singing in the Rain and learning new signs for What a Wonderful World. There will soon be recordings of both of these songs on the website, so that the children can practice at home.

The Twos have started participating with the older children for the end of the day puppet show. They will continue to spend a little time in the big classroom, have art, and prepare for the Winter Sing. A few of the books we read last week were When's My Birthday? by Julie Fogliano, Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear? by Eric Carle and Ten Apples up on Top by Theo LeSeig and Roy McKie.

In ASL, we will learn the signs for Thank you, Grocery Store and Shopping.