sonia tavares

classroom manager

Sonia joined CHP in 2012 as an Assistant Teacher.  In the fall of 2015, she was promoted to Classroom Manager, coordinating the daily staffing and scheduling at CHP.  Previously she worked as an Assistant Teacher for 11 years at Children's Aid Society Philip Coltoff Center in the heart of Greenwich Village before it was closed down. This was very heart breaking for her since she loved going to work every day and seeing the children grow ever year. Sonia is very happy to have found CHP.

Sonia was born and raised in Soho, Manhattan where she continues to live with her husband and her two children, Veronica 10 years old and Matthew, age 3. Along with teaching, parenting and part time managing of Arturo's restaurant in Greenwich Village, she is working towards furthering her early childhood education.  

Sonia studied Early Childhood education at St. John's University for two years and she has also taken classes at Touro college and online. Sonia completed her CDA coursework and received her certification in June 2015.

What is your favorite journey?

What is your most noticeable characteristics?
Sweet, Nurturing, Dedicated, Trilingual - English, Portuguese, Spanish

Which talent would you most want?
I would love to know how to play the piano, it's such a calming instrument

What is your most treasured possession?
My kids and my family.

What is your motto?
Don't leave anything for tomorrow, if it can be done today.

Where would you love to live?
Anywhere warm and with a beach nearby. But I think I would never be able to leave the best city in the world--NYC.