march 27

In Literacy, look out for letters! There are secret, hidden letters and we need help to find them. We will be using water colors and markers to discover our hidden uppercase vowels. We will also be working on our ASL ABC Book by collecting pictures of us doing each letter sign!

In Science, based on the children's interest in sea animals, specifically whales, we will focus on those mammals. We will do a "KWL" to find out what we Know, what we Want to know and eventually, what we have Learned about whales. Using a variety of books and pictures, we will discuss the many different kinds of whales in the world.

In Drama, we will continue to explore ocean life. The children will reenact the story of The Rainbow Fish based on the book by Marcus Pfister. The children will be in role as the title character who learns how to make friends by sharing his shimmering scales. We will create an ocean setting and incorporate some costume elements.

In Art, we will continue to explore the two new mono printing processes begun in the previous week.

In Music, we will have pictures of different instruments: Tambourine, drums, shakers, and rhythm sticks. The students have played each of these this year, and now we will arrange when and who will play each instrument to the song If I had a Windmill.  Each verse will have a different instrument and a different group! We will also take turns in the middle of the circle to the song Bobbing Up and Down in the Bright Blue Sea

Bobbing up and down, Bobbing up and down,
Bobbing up and down, in the bright blue sea. x2

I saw --------, -------- saw me,
(Add a different child’s name each time)
Bobbing up and down, in the bright blue sea

Shake it off --------, -------- shake off the sea
(Add a different child’s name each time)
Shake off the water from the bright blue sea.

In ASL, we will learn the signs for: Dolphin, Octopus and Shark.

march 20

In Literacy, we will finish our Name Rainbows. We will also collaborate with Science on completing our very own animal books. We will learn to write the names of the animals or the first letter of each animal.

In Math, we will finish with measuring by measuring our heights using a life-size ruler. Last week we discovered a fun fact about our bodies: Our forearms measure the same size as our feet!

In Science, we will continue to make our animal books. We will collaborate with Literacy to help the children puts words in their books and give their books a title.

In Drama, we will begin an exploration of sea animals. Our first story will be a "tall tale" called The Hand Fish. The children will incorporate finger play, eye-hand coordination and large motor activities into the storytelling.

In Art, we will explore another process which creates a monoprint. We will cut paper shapes and arrange them on a surface that has been rolled with ink. We will cover this with a sheet of paper and rub it with our hands to print the image

In Music, we are going to play a circle and color game from Virginia called Down Came a Lady/Fella. In this game, a child will point to another child who is wearing the color we are singing about. We all get to take turns and sing and dance to this fun song!  The song will be posted on the website. Also we will start singing and signing to a lovely song called All I Really Need by Raffi. Listen to his version of the song on this YouTube video.

In ASL, we will learn the signs for Whale, Dolphin, Fish and Ocean and include a snack word review of Water, Cracker, Juice and Help.

march 13

In Literacy, we will learn about St. Patrick's Day celebrations through storybooks. We will even get to create our very own St. Patrick's Day rainbow of our names - finding or writing each letter in our name on each color of the rainbow. Then we will add an alliteration poem to the cloud of our rainbow.

In Math, we will continue to practice our non-standard unit of measurement by measuring items using lucky shamrocks! We will also begin to explore units of measurement at the water table using measuring cups.

In Science, the children have shown a lot of interest in making animal books, so we will do a bit of research about some new and familiar animals. All the children will have the opportunity to make a book. They will design their own books, choose the animals they like and add the names of the animals either by writing or using typed print.

In Drama, we will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with some folktales of leprechauns and giants. The children will catch a tricky leprechaun and go on a scavenger hunt for the fairy gold. We will also put a spring in our step with some music and dancing.

In Art, we will each create a monoprint (a one of a kind piece printed in a singular process). We will paint directly onto a hard plastic surface, place paper over our finished painting and rub on it with our hands to transfer the image to the paper.

In Music, we will continue to sing our new book, Man Gave Names to All the Animals by Bob Dylan. Students get to act out the animals in the book and move and groove to the song! We will add new movements and signs to our song This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Day. And we will continue using rhythms sticks as we play along to an Irish jig. The sticks will jig, then we will jig!

In ASL, we will learn the signs: Shamrock, Gold, leprechaun, rainbow and St. Patrick’s Day

march 6

In Literacy, a group of hummingbirds is called a charm, a group of penguins is called a huddle and a group of fish is called a school. Every group of animals has its own name! We will learn and read books about the names of each animal group. We will even play a fun alliteration game with these new vocabulary words.

In Math, we will read the story How Big is a Foot? by Rolf Myller to introduce non-standard units of measurement. We will discuss what items we can use to measure such as paper clips and popsicle sticks. After using non-standard units of measure to measure the different plush animals, we will use those same measuring tools to measure our hands and feet! We will calculate whose foot and hand are the same, whose are biggest and smallest!

In Science, we have been focusing on forest animals in winter and now we are ready to explore new animal types and their environments. We will discuss and research a variety of animals to see what the children are interested in and what our next area of focus will be.

In Drama, we will reenact the story of In the Forest by Marie Hall Ets, based on the book by the same name about a child's imaginary encounter with various groups of animals. We will incorporate the names of their family groups. Older children will finish our original WCHP news story "Live from the Forest."

In Art, we will continue to explore the possibilities of line while painting with strings! Dress in play clothes this week….it can be messy!

In Music, we are going to tap, with the rhythm sticks, the syllables in the adapted folk song, Pick a Bowl of Cherries! We are going to return to a song we did earlier in the year, called See the Sleeping Children. Instead of children, we are going to name the baby animal of each of the adults, e.g., sheep-lambs, rabbits-bunnies. The children will be in groups of animals, get to see each other's actions and choose which animal they would like to be!

In ASL, we will learn the signs: Fox, Wolf, Polar Bear and Squirrel