february 13

In Literacy, we will finish our Animal Storybook by compiling our stories from drama and our illustrations and writings from science and literacy. We will practice our sequencing skills to put the final touches on our story, using the terms "first, then, next and last." We will also play a Valentine's Day themed sign language game!

In Math, we will continue with our heart and dot matching game. The children will have the opportunity to create their own hearts with numbers and dots to take home.

In Science, we will collaborate with literacy and continue to build and write stories about winter forests.  Once the stories are completed, we will create animals in winter.

In Drama, we will tell the story of "The Boy Who Became A Caribou." This Inuit folktale of self-acceptance explores various Arctic animals including ptarmigans, snowshoe rabbits, and caribou. We will utilize our new habitat center to reenact part of the story in addition to the drama area of the classroom for large motor activities. Interested children continue to work on original forest animal stories to expand, collaborate, and deconstruct in our drama groups.

In Art, we will put the finishing touches on our Valentine's projects.  As the week comes to an end, we will start experimenting with line.

In Music, we are going to finish our story of the three bears, and the students will retell it using the rhythm sticks. We will use the sticks to make big steps, medium, little steps, skipping steps and more to match the story!  We will also play a partner choosing game for Valentine's Day called Turn, Cinnamon Turn. Students will practice being dance partners with all of their friends!

In ASL, we will learn the signs: Mom, Dad, Family, Love and “I Love You.”

february 6

In Literacy, we will continue collaborating with science on writing, editing and understating story sequence in our Animal Story Book. We will also play a new animal sign language game!

In Math, we will continue to practice our subitizing skills using hearts cut in half. One side of the heart will have a number, and the other will have dots. The children will try to make a pair.

In Science, we will continue to focus on forest animals in winter. The Science and Literacy centers will continue compiling the children's forest stories and drawings which will be made into a book.  We will read a variety of books and continue to build forests in the block area.

In Drama, we will begin to reenact some of the children's original animal stories. The stories are based on many explorations of habitats in both drama with me and science with Lizzie. Stories were also developed with Christy at the Literacy Center. Authors will make creative choices in regard to setting and character selection.

In Art, we will complete the collaborative work of transforming large boxes into animal homes. Before the week is over we will each begin to create a special valentine to present to our family.

In Music, we will continue our story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears while we move around the circle to different beats like the big bear, middle sized bear, the tiny bear and Goldilocks. The students will also dance and choose partners to the song, Honey My Love

In ASL, we will review the words we learned in January!