October 2016 Parent-Only Meeting

Greetings from the CHP Board!

Several weeks into the school year, and it feels like we're all settling in. In fact, summer may seem a distant memory. Returning kids have bonded with new teachers. New students have found their way through phase in. And hopefully, all our families are finding a happy routine.

But we know we can always make the CHP community and experience stronger, which is why we want to invite you to join us at the Fall Parent-Only Meeting, an opportunity to meet each other, bring up questions, ideas, or challenges, and join in a conversation with Board members and fellow parents about CHP.  A very broad agenda for the meeting is attached to this email.

The meeting is next Thursday, October 13 at 7:00 pm. Please RSVP (to Kristin Brady, kristin@cobblehillplayschool.com), so we have a rough head count, though you're also more than welcome to attend last minute. We all know childcare can be unpredictable.

Additionally, at the meeting, we'll update you about what the Board is up to. As you may know, the Board is made up of parents, and we help support Carol and the staff in ensuring an excellent experience at the school.

Here are a few highlights of what we have been working on and what we're prioritizing this year:
1. At the end of last year, the Board decided to pay off the remaining mortgage on our property. We now own our space outright, which gives us a great level of security, and was a financial move that will save us money each year that can be put back into our children's experience.

2. We are exploring affordable, smart ways to provide better health and retirement benefits to our staff—which helps us recruit and retain excellent staff, and because it's the right thing to do.

3. We are considering a website design, and looking at how our site can serve the various constituencies of the school.

4. We are beginning to research early drop off options and after school programming, something that has been asked about in the past, has hit obstacles, but is always worth exploring further.

5. And of course we're all getting ready for the Fall Benefit, which is a highlight of the year ... and which you're already hearing about.

This is in addition to the regular work of reviewing the budget, supporting the staff, planning community events, and all the work you're familiar with from your own committees and the emails you get from Janie. 

We're happy to talk more about any of this at the meeting next week, or to hear ideas you'd like to bring forward. And we're always happy to discuss any questions outside of the meetings as well.

So welcome back! Happy autumn! And see you in the neighborhood.

Justin Krebs
President, CHP Board of Directors

Janie Greene