Ashley rodriguez


Ashley is near completion of a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education at Hunter College.  Teaching has always been a passion of hers, starting from a young age when she would use chalk to write on her closet - pretending to be a teacher to her sister and her toys.  

Ashley has been teaching for just over ten years, and her passion is still there.  She was born and raised in the heart of Williamsburg, and she now resides in Queens.  She has a twin sister, and she is ambidextrous!  Alongside teaching, Ashley also enjoys reading, spending time with her family, playing with her cat, and drawing.  She is enthusiastic about joining the CHP team, and she looks forward to a wonderful year of meeting and working with new families.

What is your most treasured possession?

My Family and my heart.

What is your motto?

Hakuna Matata!

Who are your favorite heroes or heroines?

My mom is my hero - who would I be without her?

Favorite quote:

"Children are like wet cement.  Whatever falls on them makes an impression."  -Dr. Haim Ginott